This Catskill, NY Cottage is Potential-Packed for Less than $100K

  |  July 5, 2019

Are you in the mood to make an old house new? Here’s a Catskill village Victorian that could use your T.L.C…

And, by T.L.C., we mean “Tender Loving Carpet removal.” While there are exposed hardwood floors downstairs, the second floor of this 1,328-square-foot home has carpets covering up its plank wood floors, so de-carpeting will be one of the first orders of business. After that, refinish the floors and get out the paint brushes!

In addition to the home’s first floor living and dining rooms, there’s a built-in hutch in the cute but retro kitchen in need of a remodel, new appliances, counter tops, and floors.


Utilize all four bedrooms as bedrooms, or turn one of two of them into an office, craft room, studio, or guest room. Since there’s less than 1,400 square feet within, keep in mind that some of the bedrooms might be on the small side. Still, large windows allow in lots of light.


One of the most attractive attributes of this inexpensive Catskill house…is Catskill, itself. The charming Hudson River village is on the move, with a main commerce hub that’s walkable and packed with shops, restaurants, and performance venues, situated about 20 minutes from Saugerties, NY. Close to the I-87 Thruway, Catskill is also two hours from NYC.

Interested in a Catskill village Victorian in need of some TLC? Find out more about 20 Howell Street, Catskill, NY from Century 21.

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