“Catskills Are Still the Tops” says NY Post

  |  September 22, 2011

Phoenicia, just after the floor/Timberlake Camp

Most folks I’ve talked to down in the big city have been steering clear of Phoenicia, one of the towns most damaged by Tropical Storm Irene. But the NY Post this week published a travel story about how great the Catskills are — still — in their post-Irene state, even Phoenicia. They write:

“The southern entrance to town, the one that everyone uses, was closed; the bridge across the creek — now in spots widened to more than twice its original size — had been severely damaged, perhaps beyond repair; workmen were clearing the last of the debris it had collected; its guard rail lay twisted, hanging off to one side.

But this was just one entrance to town out of four — by the time I showed up, the other three were open, as if nothing had happened. I held my breath, driving in, and parked, looking around. Main Street was filthy with mud, but walking up and down the street, I couldn’t find one business I remembered that wasn’t open.”

So, folks, let the leaf-peeping and the mountain climbing begin. The Catskills are officially open for business!

(Thanks to our Margaretville correspondent for pointing out this story!)

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