A Catskills Farmhouse Filled with Promise, $89K

  |  August 10, 2018

Dripping with old-fashioned charm, this five-figure Catskills farmhouse is located in the quiet village of Hancock, Delaware County…

We thought you’d like to see a more unencumbered view of this four-bedroom house. Here’s what it looks like on the street:

For $44-per-square-foot, the house looks tidy with an attractive and durable stone foundation. But what about the 2,000-square-foot interior? The hardwood floors, at the very least, look well-kept…

…and, the entryway includes a sweeping wood staircase that needs some elbow grease to restore its former glory.

The listing doesn’t reveal much. There are scant photos, and even after searching multiple listings (including the MLS), would were unable to discover its build date, although we suspect it’s mid-to-late-1800s. Any old house experts care to weigh in on how old you think this house could be?

Regardless of this home’s tantalizing mysteries, with a little work, this antique house could shine, outside and in.

Located on a .13-acre plot, detached garage included, in the center of Hancock village, northwestern Delaware County. It’s right on the NY/PA border where the East and West Branches of the Delaware River meet. To give you some perspective, the hamlet of Callicoon in northwestern Sullivan County is about 30 minutes to the south. NYC is over 3 hours away, so if serious country living is what you’re after, you’ll discover it in Hancock.

Enchanted by this Catskills farmhouse in northwest Delaware County? Find out more about 60 Leonard Street, Hancock here.

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