Catskills Seasonal Cabin in Smallwood Lake Community, $64,500

  |  February 19, 2016
29 keller ave trail 103 bethel ny

It’s never too early to start thinking about a summer lake cottage, and as winter starts to wind down, we find ourselves thinking of them a lot more often. We adore the look of this simple 782-square foot seasonal number in the Sullivan County lakeside community of Smallwood, located about 3.5 miles from Bethel and 8 miles from Monticello. You can read more about affordable Smallwood here. If we were in the market for a place to lie our heads at night on a private lake, Smallwood would make the short-list of places to look.

The cabin boasts some new features like the electric service, circuit breakers, wiring, baseboard heaters, kitchen cabinets (and fridge and stove), and bath fixtures. Living room comes with a stone fire place and cathedral ceilings. The small lot is a quarter-acre in size. Don’t forget your bikes. This is the perfect neighborhood for summer evening bike rides accompanied by a chorus of crickets. NYC is less than 2 hours away.

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29 Keller Avenue Trail 103, Bethel (Sullivan Realty Associates)

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