Celebrate the Sixties in East Durham!

  |  June 16, 2016
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Bluff House via airbnb.com

Price/Night: $225

Accommodations: Entire Home/Apt

Max Guests: 5

Min Stay: 2 nights

This mod and minimal house is masterfully decorated to perfection! Please please please grab your friends (or family) and take a trip to this house in East Durham. We admit this place is a little expensive… BUT it accommodates 5 people and there is no fee for extras! There are 2 bedrooms and a loft with a bed so plan your weekend getaway accordingly. Exposed beams and a wall made out of windows make this the place to be this weekend. We would be happy just lounging around and checking out every aspect of the architecture and decor of this house. It was built in the 1960s and it has kept the sixties spirit. Everything is original, from the decade, or handmade. The host is a carpenter and makes period furniture! The decor includes funky colored chairs, pop art, and cool lamps. There are even 1960s magazines on the coffee table. Staying in this house is like being transported back to this unforgettable era. In addition to the amazing house, you will have access to 35 acres of land and Catskill Creek! You can even go fishing (with a permit, of course!). If you’re ready to go back in time for the weekend then book it now!

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