Charming Wappingers Falls Mid-Mod, $169,900

  |  March 4, 2015

Hello again, Wappingers Falls. It has been a while since we have explored your MLS offerings and culinary hotspots – you’ve been busy, we’ve been busy, but that’s really no excuse. Thankfully, mid-mod week has brought us back to your area code with this petite & pretty ranch. We’re seeing oodles of charm and not a lot of maintenance required (ah, the perks of vinyl siding) at this affordable property. What we can’t see is the basement, so this may be the location of future renovations. Now that we’re talking location, it seems like a good time to mention that 29 Losee is less than three miles from the Hudson River and a quick drive down route 9 to those alluring eateries we mentioned earlier!

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29 Losee Road (Zillow) GMAP

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