Childhood Dream, Meet Rental Reality

  |  February 11, 2015

Contemporary Woodstock Treehouse

Price/night: $500
Accommodations: Full house, 4 bedrooms
Max guests: 8
Min stay: 2 nights
House description:
We are completely in love with this unique Woodstock getaway, and we’re not the only ones! The home won the 2009 American Institute of Architects design award, a feat that has completely validated our childhood dream of living in a treehouse. The host of this lovely forest dwelling is passionate about architecture, the environment, and the Hudson Valley in general, and his energy and creativity have not gone unnoticed. The outstanding reviews of Woodstock’s resident treehouse are equal parts awe over the home itself and enthusiasm for Andrew’s hospitality.

 Sample reviews:

“When you live in Brooklyn, as we do, and you imagine getting away – this is the place you imagine getting away to. It’s a gorgeous yet approachable place in a stunning setting, and we had an amazing time. There were 7 adults and several young ones between 17 months and 5 years, and there was plenty of space for us all to be together and spend time away in little nooks. Can’t say enough, have to see it to believe.”

“Andy’s home is a hidden gem. It is beautifully designed and the large chef kitchen is a treat if you enjoy cooking. Andy was extremely warm in welcoming us to the home via email and was responsive if we had any questions about the area. Rest assured you will have the perfect weekend escape.”

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Elizabeth Wilson is an Upstater born and bred with a generalist’s education and a specialist’s passion for the Hudson Valley. Ask nicely and she’ll make you a bagel sandwich. Ask really nicely and she’ll accompany that bagel sandwich with a Bob Dylan impersonation.

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