Celebrate Freedom at Bannerman Castle

  |  July 3, 2014
bannerman castle

Land’s sake, there’s a lot of stuff happening in the Hudson Valley this weekend! As it should be. It is a holiday weekend, after all. While everyone else is slaving over hot grills and fighting the crowds at the local fireworks display, spend your July 4th Friday on the Hudson River’s most intriguing landmark: Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island. Once an arsenal built by a Scottish military surplus broker named Francis Bannerman IV, Bannerman Castle is now a crumbling, beautiful ruin rising from the water. For the past 4 years, the Bannerman Castle Trust has allowed visitors onto the island for a picnic (catered this year by Loughrans Restaurant of Salisbury Mills), live music (provided by Timberwolf), and self-guided tours of the island. Tickets are $75 and the boat to the island departs from the Beacon waterfront at 12pm July 4th. Meanwhile, watch this clip about Bannerman Castle on Travel Channel’s program Off Limits.

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