The Hold Steady @ Belleayre

  |  August 28, 2014
hold steady

Summer might be circling the drain, but there’s still plenty to do around the Catskills before the fall sets in. This weekend, the summer-long Belleayre Music Festival will present Brooklyn at Belleayre, which features a line up of up and comers from Williamsburg, including The Hold Steady, Big Data, Lily and the Parlour Tricks, and Joni Fatora. If you’re not already fans of The Hold Steady but wondering why their name sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve been juggernauting their way around the Hudson Valley, playing local shows and gathering new fans everywhere they go. And let’s face it: You need some fresh sounds in your life. Your music collection is getting tired. Time to listen to some new stuff. Brooklyn at Belleayre takes place August 30th starting at 6pm. Tent seats ticket prices are $66, $56, $46, $36. Or, you can stretch out on the lawn for $26. More info plus previews of The Hold Steady’s songs here on their website.

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