Circa-1855 Gothic Stone Chapel in Rhinebeck, $235,000

  |  April 28, 2016
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There’s really only one way to get a handle on the charm of this Dutchess County chapel, and that’s to slowly drive by it. We had done this numerous times while driving north on Route 9, just outside of Rhinebeck village, when we noticed a “FOR SALE” sign pop up next to the road. Alas, a search of the listings proved a dead-end…until today. What a fortunate surprise!

Here’s the deal: It’s no longer an official church and, instead, considered a residential property. It sits on an acre of land with the entry fairly close to the road, which is often the way with churches. Includes 3000 square feet plus another building described in the listing as an “open structure” ready to be transformed into…what? The mind boggles. Chapel has updated electric and heat, as well as a new roof.

We’re focusing on the start of Festival Season this week vis-a-vis the listings, and Rhinebeck qualifies, thanks to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds located near the village. In addition to the Dutchess County Fair, the grounds play host to big draws like the Sheep and Wool Festival, Country Living Fair, and the Rhinebeck Arts Festival. During the winter, Rhinebeck village itself is the setting for the Sinterklaas festival.

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5768 Route 9 South, Rhinebeck (Paul Hallenbeck Realty)

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