Civil War-era Farmhouse in East Durham, $195,000

  |  November 18, 2015
504 Stonitch Rd east durham ny

Listen, we’re all just looking for a cute farmhouse big enough to spread out in but not so big as to be a hassle. Maybe with an acre or two of land out in the country, maybe on the inexpensive side, nothing fancy. Maybe with a bit of privacy, too. It’s not a tall order, but it can be when everyone else is looking for the same thing where you’re looking for it. If that’s the case, we invite you to take a closer look at this 1860s farmhouse in Durham in Greene County, a town out in the Northern Catskills.

Durham, incidentally, is also the home to the Durham Valley Scenic Byway, which was designated by NYS as having “extraordinary scenic quality.” No arguments from us. In fact, the 21 mile byway will provide views of the Hudson River Valley, the Berkshires, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut in the appropriately-named “Five State View.”

This house is spitting distance from Route 20, which is part of the Scenic Byway network of roads. And low and behold: It just so happens to consist of 2400 square feet, 4 beds/2 baths, and 2 acres of land. The listing points out that the locust trees provide shade during the summer, while the pine trees block the cold winter blasts from the west. Also includes kitchen and family room wood stoves and enclosed porch.

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504 Stonitch Road, East Durham (Caldwell Banker Village Green)

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