Come Home to a Victorian Rental in Ravishing Rosendale, $1850/mo.

  |  January 14, 2016
rosendale tresle

View of Rosendale and the Roundout Creek from the Rosendale trestle.

The town of Rosendale has long been on our short-list of favorite places in the Hudson Valley. Feisty and unique, this little community with a bustling Main Street and a picturesque setting along the Rondout Creek hides some true real estate gems. So many, in fact, we almost don’t want to talk about it.

But we have to! We just can’t keep it to ourselves. So please excuse us if we spill the beans about this three-bedroom,1700 square-foot Victorian rental right in the center of Rosendale’s action, walking distance to a staggering seven restaurants, an indie movie theater, a solid local library, the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, and the Trailways bus from NYC. The house would be great for a family (includes an actual yard and a washer/dryer) looking to escape the proverbial hustle and/or bustle.

Let’s take a peek inside:

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Available for rent beginning March 1, 2016. You can get the full skinny on everything included on the Craigslist ad. Read more about Rosendale on Upstater.

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