Coming Soon: Valatie’s Artisans Along Main Street

  |  October 9, 2014
beaver kill falls

Have you been to Valatie in Columbia County? If not, you should go soon while the colors are popping, and don’t forget your camera, because you’ll want to snap a bunch of the pictures of the village’s more scenic landmark, the Beaver Kill Falls (depicted above in all of its wintery splendor). Hey, here’s an idea. Set aside next Saturday, October 18, to visit during the village’s artisan fair. Crafters, artists, and makers will be selling their wares along Main Street from 11am-5pm while live musicians provide accompaniment. Get your gift shopping out of the way all in one day while supporting Hudson Valley artists and craftspeople. More information on Valatie Economic Redevelopment Corporation’s (V.E.R.A.) website. Check out Upstater’s write-up of Valatie for insight’s into the village.

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