Coming Soon: Vassar’s Powerhouse Theater 2014 Season

  |  June 5, 2014

josh radnor

If you have a TV, or perhaps a little thing called the Internet, you probably recognize Josh Radnor’s face. He was the star of the long-running CBS sit-com How I Met Your Mother. Now that the show has ended its 9 season run, Radnor is returning to the stage this summer in Vassar Powerhouse Theater’s production of The Babylon Line, which opens June 26 and runs through July 6. The Babylon Line is set in the late 1960s and tells the story of a writer who travels from Greenwich Village to Levittown, Long Island in order to teach an adult-education creative writing course. Chronogram Editor Brian K. Mahoney talked to Radnor about his long history with the Powerhouse Theater on the podcast Chronogram Conversations, which you should definitely go listen to right now. Anyway, The Babylon Line is just one of a whole host of theatrical offers coming from Powerhouse this summer, so check out the schedule here. For the past 30 years, Powerhouse has been the proving ground for new theater and film works, and any performance enthusiast worth their salt should check it out. Single tickets are $40, season tickets $192. GMAP

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