Commutable: Middletown Mid-Century Modern

  |  November 16, 2012

We feel pretty certain that you could make this place amazing. Take out that carpet. Do a little something with the half-moon of Formica-topped kitchen counter and perhaps upgrade the wood paneling and, voila: Don Draper’s new headquarters. Keep those nifty closets and their sputnik-y knobs, though.

Commutable: Middletown Mid-Century Modern

Middletown is on the Port Jervis line of MetroNorth. You’re walking distance to the full-of-potential (admittedly not yet met) downtown, but have over an acre of land. Yes, a tad suburban, but leafy enough to ride the line. The place is palatial: five beds, three baths, 4,284 square feet. It has a finished basement, both a living and a family room, and an in-ground pool, which will cause your city friends to flock to you come summer.

2 Randall Heights, Middletown. $250,000. GMAP.

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