Contemporary Farm House + Studio, Hopewell Junction, $299,000

  |  March 22, 2012

Depending on where you look, this house is either in East Fishkill or Hopewell Junction. Google Maps says Hopewell Junction, but the listing says East Fishkill. So, we’ll say it’s in the 12533 zip code and tucked into the corner where the Taconic Parkway crosses I-84.

Regardless of the quibbles over its exact location, it’s worth mentioning because it’s a Twofer. The property consists of a 1,100 square foot house (built in 1940 and renovated in 2001), plus a 1,200 square foot detached garage that’s been converted into a studio. And it’s all on about two-and-a-half acres. Oh, and it comes with its own greenhouse. Threefer?

How we do wish these pictures were better. We find ourselves lamenting photo quality a lot when we’re looking at listings, but especially when the house is so clearly worth checking out, like this one. Maybe you can enlarge them and stand back from your monitor about 6 feet.

Look closely at the listing description: Tacked on there at the end, it says that it’s a short sale pending bank approval. That’s an important piece of information in choosing a property and should be carefully considered by a potential buyer.

261 Shenandoah Road, Hopewell Junction (JonCar Realty/Peggy Rose – 845-546-2614) GMAP
Asking Price: $299,000
Beds: 2
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 1,100
Year Built: 1940
Land: 2.42 acres
Taxes: $5,875
Features: House + studio/garage + greenhouse

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