Contemporary Teahouse in Columbia County, $695,000

  |  January 13, 2015
429 cemetery road canaan ny

Or perhaps Japanese-inspired minimalism is more your speed. It certainly might be mine these days, after I went off in search of Scotch tape in the box of junk under my cluttered kitchen counter. I asked my husband, “Do you ever get the urge to just throw everything away and start over again?” “Yes. Let’s do it right now,” he replied. We didn’t. Instead, I found the Scotch tape and smooshed the contents of our kitchen junk box down further so I couldn’t see it from across the room, which is about as much cleansing minimalism as I can muster these days. If I lived in this nod to wide open interiors, however, I would feel compelled to never possess a kitchen junk box ever again. Everything about this house seems to be about unobstructed flow. Flow from the entry to the living room to the kitchen and then up the stairs and into the loft space that overlooks the first floor as well as the trees and greenery outside. In my next life, I’ll live in a place like this, own one pair of (comfortable) shoes, and spend my days floating around my Japanese tea house, sipping chamomile and eschewing cluttered countertops and kitchen junk boxes forevermore.

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Beds: 4

Baths: 4

Square Feet: 3000

Lot Size: 21.2 acres

Taxes: $11,480

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