Continental Organics

  |  February 28, 2013
Continental Organics

Continental OrganicsMark and I met Brian of Continental Organics, at the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week kickoff event. The first thing we noticed is that he was instantly likable. The second was that he is passionate about what he does. He spoke to us for about 15 minutes, with as much enthusiasm as he had previously with a professional chef.

Continental Organics is located in New Windsor NY, just outside of Newburgh, on a former dairy farm.  They use a combination of aquaponic and hydroponic growing methods to grow a variety of greens, vegetables and fish without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The fish are hormone-free.

The system they created is a ‘closed-loop’ system that is contained within a 30,000 square foot greenhouse and 9000 square foot fish house. With that, they can insure the produce and fish they sell are the highest quality possible and grown without antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals. The fish are fed a vegetarian, organic diet and organic fertilizers from the fish water are used to fertilize the greens and vegetables.

They also have a smaller, traditional growing area outside of the green house for vegetables that don’t do well in they hydroponic system. These vegetables are also fertilized with the organic fertilizer and the company is in the process of getting an organic certification for this produce.

Where Can You Buy Continental Organics?

Currently, Continental Organics sells its vegetables and greens at various locations in the Hudson Valley area, and hopes to be able to sell their tilapia and coho salmon at farmer’s markets in the future.

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