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Real estate is not our job. Jobs are nine to five and, well, to put it bluntly, we hate those. Real estate is our passion; our career – One we chose to take by storm. The past couple years have been a true test of patience, ingenuity and perseverance. In the beginning, it was tough. We were thrown into a mix of other real estate professionals that had more experience under their belts than we had combined in age. Crash and burn; live and learn. What was so great about that you might ask? We had no choice but to learn, quickly, or we’d run ourselves over before we even got started. No regrets. At the ripe-old ages of twenty-one and twenty-three, it was time to move it or lose it. There were perks though. Technology? We had that in the bag. iPhones, iPads, internet and email. The impressive amount of marketing tools and tech-based operations that Century 21 Corporate had to offer sold us immediately. Old-Souls? We get that all the time. Between driving cars from the sixties and seventies, our attire (don’t forget the pomade and Brylcreem) and the ability to take a well-established age-old business model and throw in a modern touch; we have the ability to level with the broad generation spectrum we’re subject to on a daily basis. Through creative marketing, stellar listing photography, personal integrity, and endless help and support from our broker, we’re soaring our business to the next level. We consistently use the exclusive syndication through Century 21’s many online-based marketing outlets to help build and maintain an online presence. We genuinely love what we do – Expanding, evolving and exploding the business we’ve established by virtue of Century 21 Alliance Realty Group. We’re not real estate agents, we’re coaches. No cliché sales pitching; just two cousins helping buyers, sellers and investors through the intricate navigation of a real estate transaction. If you’re ever in the need of a real estate professional in the Hudson Valley, give the Realty Cousins a call – We’d love to help you out.

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