Jennifer Grimes

While sitting at my desk in New York, selling mortgage-backed securities, I’d surf the internet dreaming of fishing the hallowed trout rivers of The Catskills. Then one day a little red cottage on the Neversink River popped up for sale on my screen, and the rest is history. I battled Friday night traffic in summer, and lived the weekender routine for a few years before giving in and becoming a full-timer. I'd had some luck renting my cottage for weekends here and there, so a neighbor asked me to do the same for him. One thing led to another, and Red Cottage Inc. now manages over thirty nifty rental properties throughout Upstate, to frazzled New Yorkers looking to get out of Dodge. A real estate brokerage was next, and Country House Realty allows me to provide those happy renters (and others) with the opportunity to become owners of their own little piece of heaven.

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