Could Uber Upstate be a Transportation Game-Changer?

  |  October 21, 2015

There’s a petition circulating around the social media sites encouraging people to sign it if they agree that the rest of New York State should benefit from Uber’s ridesharing services beyond NYC. Uber started the petition and is asking the “leaders of New York” to put a regulatory framework together so that the company can expand to the rest of the state. Here’s the full text of the petition letter:

“Dear New York State Leaders,

I am writing to urge that you support a comprehensive regulatory framework that allows Uber to operate in New York State.

I want Uber in my community because it will create 13,000 jobs across New York State in its first year of operating alone. Uber will also make our community a safer place to live by reducing drunk driving accidents.

Cities around the world are embracing the benefits that Uber brings to communities: reductions in drunk driving incidents, less traffic due to fewer cars on the road, and access to a ride in every neighborhood. Now, our state has a chance to permanently reap these benefits, while also building on our commitment to promoting innovation.

Voters like me consider this a critical issue, so I ask that you please support a regulatory framework that allows Uber and other ridesharing services to operate across New York State.

Thank you.”

We’ve heard that it’s expensive to become a registered taxi driver, and that upstate New York cab companies are notorious unreliable. Those are pretty broad statements, but we’re wondering if Uber could change how both full time and part time residents get around the area. Could the presence of Uber rides decrease drunk driving? Could it reduce personal vehicle use, making it a little easy to live up here with out a car? What’s your take on Uber upstate?

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