Country House Checklist: Swinging Beds

  |  July 11, 2012


We have a few things we’d desperately want, were we lucky enough to own a house in the country: outdoor shower, outdoor hottub, graywater system (less romantic but very cool, useful and eco-friendly). We’ll get to those.

In the meantime, we came across this nifty swinging porch bed on Blood and Champagne, and it revved up our upstate New York vacation home imagination. We first encountered the swinging bed at an eco-resort in Nicaragua (yes, there is such a thing, and yes it is both wonderful and upsetting), but it never occurred to us to put one upstate.

Flickr/The Style Files

We found a cache of them over on Pinterest. Any more to add?

Now if you can just find time to swing in it…

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