Genuine Covered Wagon For Sale in Accord NY for $3K

  |  November 29, 2017

While this covered wagon for sale might appear more novelty than viable camper/portable home, it is, indeed, outfitted with four bunk beds, electricity, lights, and smoke detectors. That puts this covered wagon in the category of “glamp-worthy” in our book…even if the glamping is being done at:

  1. a weekend-long Little House on the Prairie convention.
  2. your own back yard.

Either way, you’ll need a flatbed to haul it around. Best if you just park it somewhere and make it a three-season glamping getaway on your own property or somewhere amenable to…well…parking a covered wagon.

This is a chuck wagon. You should get one of these to go with the covered wagon and make it a whole thing.

If this is your cup of tea, $3000 seems like a bargain. Want to take the period accoutrement up a notch or two? Along with the covered wagon, two tee-pee-style tents are offered for an extra $500. Get ready for an epic and historically-inaccurate reenactment of the Oregon Trail!

Anyway, we think this covered wagon is a pretty cool alternative to tent camping on your property (is there such as thing as “wagon envy”?), and certainly much more luxurious than an actual covered wagon circa late 19th century. We prefer our glamping experiences to be dysentery-free, thank you very much.

More info on this decked-out covered wagon for sale on the Craigslist ad.

covered wagon for sale

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