Noir Bungalow and Separate Studio in Woodstock, NY, $425K

  |  March 4, 2021
creekside bungalow

Working from home just got a lot more chill, thanks to this peaceful creekside bungalow just minutes from Woodstock, NY.

This c.1930s cottage sports the kind of updated black exterior we’ve come to expect from the hippest of Catskill abodes, but what accompanies the modest-yet-attractive two-bedroom is what drew our attention: A separate studio space with rare views of the Saw Kill Creek.

creekside bungalow

On the home-front, the 1,024-square-foot main cottage comes with plank floors, an abundance of sunlight, and a large first-floor bedrooms.

creekside bungalow

The second bedroom is upstairs in the attic. It’s got high ceilings, built-in storage, and a built-in bed, but it also looks a little rough around the edges. Perhaps some finishing is in order here…

As for the separate studio, it includes a home office, well-lit workshop/studio, and a sound-proof music recording studio so that you can finally finish your album of ambient meditation music you know you plan to name “On the Shores of the Saw Kill”.

creekside bungalow

The other outbuilding is currently used for storage, but feel free to renovate and make it a guest cottage/short term rental.

creekside bungalow

The half-acre property is pure Woodstock through-and-through, with a backyard perfect for an evening around the fire pit…

…or a morning spent in meditation on the shores of the Saw Kill Creek.

Woodstock village is less than four miles from here.

creekside bungalow

Feeling those creative juices flowing just looking this charming creekside bungalow? Find out more about 510 Zena Road, Woodstock, NY from Grist Mill Realty


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