From Are Conversation Pits Back in Vogue?

  |  March 27, 2017

Conversation pit at 9 Edgewater Lane, Nyack, Westchester Co.

Lovers of all things retro, you’re in for some good news. According to a recent piece on design site, conversation pits (AKA sunken living rooms) might be making a comeback. We here at Upstater looooove a good conversation pit. In fact, finding one in a Mid-Century Modern home is kind of like finding sunken treasure. It’s a rarity and worth its weight in gold.

While 9 Edgewater Lane in the Westchester County village of Nyack, depicted above, is sadly no longer on the market, we found some other Mid-Century Modern homes in Westchester County (the epicenter of all Mid-Mod swankiness in the Hudson Valley) that offered conversation pit-like living/gather rooms that make the space all about the people inhabiting it. Take, for example, this living room in a recent Upstater post on a Mid-Mod glass/metal box in Ardsley:


7 Mountainview Avenue, Ardsley: $899,000


It’s technically not sunken, but the living room’s focus on the seating arrangement in front of the fireplace and sliding glass doors makes it conducive to spending time bonding with friends and family instead basking in TV’s glow. Here’s another conversation-friendly family room in Croton, Westchester County:


157 Furnace Dock, Croton: $599,900


Or, how about this conversation pit complete with built-in couch in front of the big stone fireplace, located in a c.1963 Mid-Mod in Bedford Corners?


496 Haines Road, Bedford Corners: $899,000


What are you thoughts on conversation pits? Fun vintage addition, or thing of the past?

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