From A Horizontal Treehouse in the Catskills? We’ll Take Two

  |  July 13, 2017

Half-Tree House, Barryville. Via

Thanks be to for recently bringing this stunning, Minimalist tree house in the Catskills to our attention. We adore tree houses, so we are crushing hard on this grown-up version of the childhood hideaway designed by Jacobschang Architecture. Situated in the eastern Sullivan County, the Half-Tree House is perched up in an old-growth forest with no vehicular access, no piped-in water, and no electricity. Talk about total nature immersion. This is the kind of Catskills glamping trip we would find irresistible.

According to, the 360 square foot horizontal structure cost less than $20K to build and uses the Garnier Limb system to bolt the frame to the trees. So, is this the coolest tree house in the Catskills, or THE COOLEST tree house in the Catskills? Yes, we agree.

See photos of the Half-Tree House’s construction on

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