Cute Bungalow in UFO Country, $150,000

  |  October 28, 2015
576 farmers mills rd carmel ny7

Our search for the Frost Valley petroglyph led us down a path to the Kent Cliffs stone chambers in Putnam County. Believed by some to be ancient stone monuments akin to Stonehenge, the chambers are generally thought to be grain storage built by 18th century farmers. However, the true builders and purposes of the stone chambers remain one of the Hudson Valley’s most intriguing unsolved mysteries. Could it have something to do with…aliens? Turns out, the town of Kent also happens to be right in the hotseat of the Hudson Valley UFO sightings back in the 1980s, and that’s all the proof we need. Case Closed. You’re welcome, New York.

This tiny bungalow on 2 acres of land could provide the perfect vantage point to watch the night skies. Tucked away in the woods near the Ninham Mountain State Forest, the bungalow consists of 1 bed/1 bath, 697 sq.ft., and a whole bunch of new stuff like appliances, floors, windows, and hot water heater. Looks like a nice place to get abducted from.

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576 Farmers Hill Road, Carmel (Houlihan Lawrence)

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