Date Night in Millerton, Revisited…

  |  April 12, 2018

Millerton Inn via Facebook

Let Upstater plan your next Date Night in Millerton…

Almost exactly five years ago today, Upstater gave you our suggestions for a fun Date Night in the village of Millerton, NY. We find ourselves once again – quite coincidentally – back in Millerton, so we thought we’d revisit the Millerton Date Night, updated for 2018.

Go to a Movie

There are a few more options in the northeast Dutchess County village than there were five years ago. One Date Night fave remains the same, however, and that’s Millerton’s Moviehouse, a indie cinema featuring first-run films, art, music, theater, and dance.

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Go for a Day Date Walk

Jerry Seinfeld once called the walking date a “good date. You don’t have to look right at the other person.” True, the walking date might be the next best thing to being alone (as Elaine Benes puts it), but the walking date also means lots of good conversation and pretty scenery. In Millerton, you can take your walking date to the Harlem Valley Rail Trail while the sun is in the sky. Access the trail right on Main Street in the center of Millerton.

Harlem Valley Rail Trail head on Main Street, Millerton

Have Dinner, Stay Overnight, and Order Brunch

Date Night doesn’t have to be an evening-only event. Make a whole weekend of it by booking at room the Millerton Inn. Situated within a 19th-century Victorian building, the 11-room inn is a relative newcomer to the Millerton scene, just opened last year, and features Mediterranean/American cuisine for dinner. They also have tasty-looking brunch, lunch, and dessert menus.

Millerton Inn parlor, via Facebook

Keep it Low-Key with a Bookstore and a Diner

Browsing a bookstore is one of our favorite low-key, pre-dinner Date Night activities. It just so happens that Millerton is home to Oblong Books & Music, Dutchess County’s own indie bookstore with a second location in Rhinebeck. Make it an early shopping trip if you go. The Millerton Oblong closes at 6pm (Rhinbeck stays open until 8 or 9 most nights).

After you select your book/CD/bookish ephemera, head to the retro Oakhurst Diner, also on Main Street in Millerton. After all, where else can you order both edamame dumplings and mozzarella sticks at the same time? If that’s not romance, we don’t know what is.

Oakhurst Diner via Facebook

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