Have a Date Night in Rosendale (with childcare!) Saturday, November 15

  |  November 13, 2014
date night

When was the last time you had a real Date Night with your S.O.? Not one of those date nights where you order pizza and binge watch Netflix until you both fall asleep on each other (although there’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, that’s one of our favorite kinds of date nights), but the kind where you shower, put on pants with a waistband, and get a sitter for the kids. Oh, but wait. Getting a sitter on a Saturday night is tough and potentially pricey. So what’s a couple of parents desperately in need of a night out of the house for grown-up talk supposed to do? Go to Rosendale, that’s what, and bring your kids to Parents Night Out at the Creative Co-op (GMAP, behind the Big Cheese), this Saturday, November 15. For $15 (multiple child discount available), children between 4 and 12 can hang out and do arts & crafts, sing songs, and eat pizza from 6pm to 10pm. Meanwhile, while they’re being entertained, hit one of the local restaurants and watering holes in Rosendale, like the Bywater Bistro, the Red Brick Tavern, or the Rosendale Cafe (perfect for vegetarians/vegans). You could even catch a 7:15pm showing of The Judge at the Rosendale Theater. Or, buzz up the road to Kingston for dinner at Cafe Duo or Boitson’s and a fancy Prohibition-era cocktail from the Stockade Tavern. OR, if you live near Rosendale, rush home after dropping off the kids and settle in for a four-hour uninterrupted marathon of Game of Thrones on Amazon for $3 an episode. Ain’t no shame in that game.

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