Delaware River Writer’s Cottage-in-Waiting, $79K

  |  January 14, 2022
delaware county cottage

With a bit of vision and elbow grease, this simple Delaware County cottage could be a Zen-like hideaway for some elusive peace and quiet. 

It’s rustic, alright. However, we’re choosing to focus on its potential, as is our tradition on Five Figure Friday, the holiest of all real-estate-related holy days. One thing that immediately drew our potential was its riverfront locale, which is very easy on the eyes, scenery-wise…

delaware county cottage

…but it seems far enough away from the Delaware River that flooding might not be a worry…YET. But, let’s not think about that right this second (unless you’re a serious buyer, in which case we suggest you figure that out ASAP). Instead, let’s bask in the serenity of it all, situated on an acre of land in western Delaware County, NY.

delaware county cottage

Okay, enough basking! The 600-square-foot interior is a straightforward hunting/camping cabin with a single floor, a single bedroom, and a single full bath. It comes with tons of vintage details like hardwood floors, doors, windows, and hardward. The kitchen is servicable, as is the living room…

delaware county cottage

…and the single bedroom might be best suited for a single person, couple, or a family of very chill individuals. Still better than a tent, particularly since a tent can’t really be generator-powered, nor can it host a propane stove. Keep the cottage simple, or put some money and work into it to make it the writing/painting retreat you’ve always dreamed of…

…and make sure you bring your swimming trunks. Swimming holes abound on the Delaware River, some of which are the best around.

delaware county cottage

Ready to lay some cash down on this Delaware County cottage? Find out more about 38000 NY 10, Hamden, NY from Catskill Heritage Realty.

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