Design Inspo: Our Favorite Wallpaper in the Hudson Valley

  |  June 2, 2020

Cole & Sons wallpaper in the Club Room at the Hasbrouck House. Photo by Jennifer Brister of Story & Gold Photo

Like nearly every design trend, wallpaper has gone in and out public favor. But thanks to the return of vintage aesthetic to the spotlight—and modern printing advances— wallpaper is on the rise again. Whether you decide to do a whole room, a hallway, or simply an accent wall for a dramatic pop, wallpaper can set the tone for a space. But given the intensive process to put up (and remove) wallpaper, it’s a big commitment, so you want to do ample research to find the right design for your space. A great project for quarantine, no? While you can’t visit most of these places in-person right now, we’ve rounded up some Hudson Valley businesses with great examples of how a good wallpaper design can pull a room together to get those design inspo wheels turning. Whether you are looking for something playful, demure, lush, or

Jar’d Wine Pub

This shoebox wine bar in New Paltz’s Water Street Market literally glows with an elegant teal and gold Victorian-style wallpaper. Jar’d owner Theresa Falls worked with designer Kelly Cleary Gersec to find a wallpaper to fit her personality. Falls describes the gold and teal wallpaper as the “perfect color combo” for letting the muted red color of the bar and the shelves pop. This wallpaper design is very detailed and it’s playful enough to spice up an otherwise plain room.

The Maker

The Maker Hotel’s Rose Room stands out with its wallpaper design. The background is a dark gray which allows the brighter colors of the roses and hummingbirds to pop. Alina Roythberg, one of The Maker’s founders, collaborated with Victoria Maxfield, a Catskill-based illustrator, to design this wallpaper. Maxfield originally painted the rose and hummingbird design on an oil canvas. Roythberg then designed the other elements to give the wallpaper a “mural-like” appearance. When paired with the room’s dim lighting, the wallpaper gives the Rose Room an elegant and romantic mood.

Hasbrouck House

The Hasbrouck House’s has two eye-catching wallpapers by Cole & Son. The wallpaper in this Hudson Valley inn’s Club Room looks straight out of a dream with vintage floating blimps, zeppelins, hot air balloons, and whales carrying ships across a cream-colored background. The Club Room is designed to be a “stylish lounge for guests to gather for cocktails, conversation, games or to simply sink into a chair with a good book,” and this wallpaper fits the bill. The whimsical design brightens the room and adds to the coziness factor. Across the hall, Hasbrouck House’s lobby bar has a muted emerald wallpaper that gives the appearance of three-dimensional shelves all around the bar. The realistic shelves hold miscellaneous muted colored items such as assorted vases, keys, and swords that keep the design interesting without overpowering complexity.

Brunette Wine Bar

The Brunette Wine Bar is the epitome of dainty yet elegant design and their wallpaper is no exception. An accent to the otherwise bright white space, the custom design combines a colorful tropical theme full of pineapple, seahorses, and shrimp in a Parisian-like design over a cream background. The overall design makes for a playful and soft mood that adds personality to the room.


This wedding venue in the Catskills, famous for its rustic barn, ties their distinguished style together in the guest room with a vintage-looking floral holly design by Bradbury & Bradbury. The wallpaper allows for the other objects in the room to stand out tying the room together with a subtle olive theme. Although this design is quite busy, it’s a tasteful addition to Hayfield’s simple barnyard aesthetic.

The Hunter Greenhouse

This wallpaper from pictured in The Hunter Houses is called “Antoinette” from clothing and home goods brand Anthropologie. This wallpaper choice is subtle while adding depth and texture to the neutral-toned bedroom. The black-and-white design paisley-like design creates a Bohemian quality and is perfect for an accent wall.

Hops Petunia


This Kingston florist has three amazing wallpapers in its shop. A tan and navy blue Persian wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradury frames a white panel that displays their hanging terrariums for a classic look. The next wallpaper is a darker look with olive leaves over a subtle but eye-catching navy blue background. This wallpaper is great for adding a rich and classy look to a room. The last wallpaper, in Hops Petunia’s bathroom, is a classic geometric black and white design with a twist designed by Becky Ip of Grey Tiger Studio. The wallpaper has drawings of cat faces inside diamonds. The design has a celestial occult look with stars, roses, crystals, and crescent moons splattered throughout the design.

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