Drink Tea, Forget the Noise of the World with Tay Tea in Andes

  |  March 26, 2015


Tay Tea in the Catskill Mountain hamlet of Andes is no tempest in a teapot. It’s the real deal for those on the hunt for artisanal, organic, and specialty teas and tea-related paraphernalia. For the past 10 years, owner Nini Ordoubadi has occupied the house at 131 Main Street in the very idyllic, very up-and-coming art town in Delaware County. There, teaheads have been getting their fix with Ordoubadi’s meticulously-curated collection of loose, single note, and blended teas harvested from small tea gardens all over the world. But you no longer have to go to Andes to get your Tay Tea on (although we highly suggest you do). If you’re too far away to make a pilgrimage to the Tay Home, now you can go to Tay Tea website and shop for tea and teaware online. Maybe you get your friend a teapot and some tea for a gift. Maybe it makes your friend feel happy and loved. Maybe your friend sends another friend tea for a gift. Before you know it, the whole world is a better place. All because of tea. Regardless, you should still visit the Andes Tay Home. The decor is great, and it’s a popular event space for live music and art. Find out more about Tay Tea and owner Nini Ordoubadi’s traditional Persian approach to teas here.

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Tay Home, TayTea.com

Tay Tea

131 Main Street, Andes (GMAP)


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