What, Exactly, is a Dutch Jacobean Mansion? Let’s Ask this one in Catskill…

  |  November 22, 2017

Here’s a rarity in the Hudson Valley: a c.1896 Dutch Jacobean mansion on the shores of the Hudson River, listed on the market for a cool 5 million bucks. But, what is a “Dutch Jacobean,” exactly?

The Jacobean style of architecture – distinguished by its affinity for arcades/arches as well as pillars and pilasters – dates back to the English Renaissance during the reign of King James I of England 1603-1625. This Catskill house was not built in the 17th century but in the late 19th century. In fact, the Jacobean style experienced a bit of a revival back in the early to mid-1800s in the form of the Jacobethan, but by 1896, home styles had moved on. That makes this impressive brick mansion a throw-back of a throw-back.

Before we step inside this house, let’s take note of the location. Perched like a lioness above its pride overlooking the Hudson River, the house offers unparalleled views. Go ahead. Try to find parallel to this:

In addition to its stunning surroundings, the 6400 square foot house comes with six bedrooms and five full baths. It’s bedecked in custom woodwork, period details, enclosed glass sunroom, billiard room, and sauna + spa…and that’s just the main house. There’s also a log cabin house situated on the 16-acre property’s fully stocked pond.

This so-dubbed Dutch Jacobean mansion is located right in the village of Catskill in Greene County, west of the Hudson, in complete privacy thanks to lots of acreage.

26 Hamburg Road, Catskill (MLS)

dutch jacobean mansion

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