Take a Big Bite of Dutchess County… For Free!

  |  June 6, 2016

Scallop and Sea Urchin from Rabbit & Turtle

Here at Upstater, we love food and we don’t talk about it nearly as much as we’d like to. The Hudson Valley is good for a cornucopia of things but if you ask us, eating pretty much takes the cake (see what we did there?). So today we’re going to show some love to some of our favorite places and it just so happens that you could win free meals to all of them (amongst other things). All you’ve got to do is click here to sign up for our Dutchess County Getaway and you’re on your way to taking a big bite out of the Hudson Valley … on us!

Salmon and Ramps

Salmon and Ramps from Rabbit & Turtle Pub

At Rabbit & Turtle Pub in Poughkeepsie, classic dishes are made new again in an effortless way. Take their signature mac and cheese for example. They replace the standard elbows with their more flavorful cousin Spaetzle (the buttery German noodle we all know and love), mix it with a habanero-IPA-cheddar cheese sauce and top it with crispy shallots. Mind blowing, we know. It’s true what they say, you eat with your eyes first and we could really fill up on looks alone at this innovative pub.


Tzatziki Pizza Amuse Bouche from Crave Restaurant & Lounge

Save room because the food tour certainly doesn’t end there. Crave Restaurant & Lounge  does gastronomy right with regionally inspired dishes. There’s not much we love more than locally sourced ingredients and their menu is just that – straight from the Hudson Valley. Dishes like roasted cauliflower with quinoa, grapes, almonds, and goat cheese or pork chops with sweet potato puree, brusel sprouts, and bacon-beer jam pretty much sum up what dining in the Hudson Valley should be – fresh, simple, and down to earth … literally.


We’ve got one more stop on your culinary adventure through Dutchess County but this one, you can take to go. Learn about the fascinating process of creating organic syrup at Crown Maple in Dover Plains and then scoop up some bottles on your way out to bring home. We can’t think of a better way to make your food tour through Dutchess County last all year. Sign up for the Dutchess County Getaway now!

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