Boscht-Belt Midcentury in Need of Renewal, $449K

  |  December 7, 2021
ellenville midcentury

This Ellenville midcentury ranch on the grounds of noteable Boscht-Belt resort has been sitting vacant for too long and needs help.

Would you believe us if we told you that this potential renovation project costs around $80-per-square foot? Don’t bother crunching the numbers; the house is around 5,600 square feet in size…and that’s one helluva renovation project. However, this sprawler has a special place in our hearts as a throw-back to the 1960s Borscht Belt days and sits on the property of the now-defunct Nevele Grand Hotel.

ellenville midcentury

In fact, according to the listing, it’s one of only two residences that occupy space on the former grounds. There’s still an adjacent golf course, so you can finally live out your country-club-lifestyle fantasies without the hassle of next-door neighbors.

ellenville midcentury

The six-bedroom, six-bath house has been sitting vacant for quite some time, and it’s got the patina to show for it. Still, under those grimy layers, a c.1966 beauty exists, with hardwood floors, built-ins, a double-sided stone fireplace, and lots of windows.

ellenville midcentury

In spite of their time-worn condition, the baths are packed with vintage features…

ellenville midcentury

…like original tiling and fixtures. The listing says that the house already includes a central heating and air-conditioning system but give no indication of its functionality.

Additionally, the property includes a pool house and an in-ground pool. It’s located in western Ulster County, NY just outside of Ellenville village, about 2.5 hours from NYC.

ellenville midcentury

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