Columbia County Brick Dreamhouse, $550K

  |  April 22, 2021
empire victorian

This classic Second Empire Victorian in rural Stuyvesant, NY is made of sturdy stuff, but it’s still a sight for sore eyes. 

Here at Upstater, we can’t get enough of exposed brick. That’s why we’ve been spending the week on our favorite brick-built residences from the local listings. Today’s journey brings us to the rural town of Stuyvesant, situated in western Columbia County, NY, less than a mile from the Hudson River’s eastern shore. Originally built in 1862, this 3,448-square-foot comes with plenty of updates, like the modernized kitchen in the home’s newer addition…

empire victorian

…while maintaining some 19th-century charms like the rocking-chair front porch and interior plank floors. The living also comes with a very contemporary gas-powered fireplace. Who doesn’t love a fire that can be turned on and off with a single throw of a switch?

empire victorian empire victorian

On the second level are three bedrooms, plus a full bath…

empire victorian

…and the third floor includes four more rooms that could be bedrooms, guest rooms, homeschooling classrooms, or a home office.

The garage out on the property is set up as a gathering place during outdoor shindigs…

empire victorian

…and the basketball court and pool contribute to a summer-camp-like setting. There’s even four acres of woods and forest in which it play and explore. The town of Stuyvesant is a twenty-minute drive north of Hudson, NY.

empire victorian

Beguiled by this Second Empire Victorian brick beauty? Find out more about 168 Route 26a, Stuyvesant, NY from Anderson Agency, Inc

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