Got Some Land? Earn Some Revenue by Hosting a Tiny House

  |  December 5, 2018

Manage a Tiny House rental for a year on your property, and ESCAPE Homes will share the rental revenue…

…and, not only that, ESCAPE will give you the chance to buy that Tiny House at any point during the one-year program. Now you know what to do with your share of the revenue: Put it toward your own Tiny House! Here are a few examples of what ESCAPE Homes has to offer:

Now, here’s the fine print: Partners (AKA those participating in ESCAPE Homes “Free ESCAPE Tiny House Program”) collect 40% of the revenue from the rental, pending approval of the site, and also pay a deposit for each unit. ESCAPE constructs the units on the Partner’s property, which are rented through Airbnb. Partners must carry liability insurance for rental properties, and, perhaps the biggest catch of all, Partners cannot use the Tiny House rental properties for personal use without renting it through Airbnb.

According to ESCAPE Homes, the company is delivering its newest style, ESCAPE Boho, to residents of Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, and Tennessee. Could New York be next on the list?

The title “Free ESCAPE Tiny House Program” is perhaps misleading, since program participants have the option to purchase the ESCAPE Tiny House at any time, there’s no residing in the unit beforehand. So, while the Tiny House is technically free, you can only use it once you’ve purchased it.

However, if revenue sharing is interesting to you, and you’ve been considering buying a Tiny House for your land, anyway, this could be an intriguing program. Get the ball rolling by contacting the Free ESCAPE Tiny House Program at Be sure to include information about your site plus address and pictures, some background about yourself, and a statement on why you think you would be a good fit for the program. Read the full FAQ on ESCAPE Home’s program here.

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