Fascinating Mid-Century Modern in Westchester County, $949K

  |  April 5, 2018

 This c.1953 Westchester County Mid Mod is serene throw-back to Frank Lloyd Wrightian architecture…

According to this listing, this Mamaroneck, NY Ranch house was designed by one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s own proteges. Indeed, FLW and a lot of his proteges spent time in Westchester County building the Usonia community in Pleasantville, about a half-hour north of Mamaroneck. That was happening between 1945 to the early 60s. Who’s to say one didn’t pop down to Mamaroneck to design a single-story Ranch house?

There’s no denying the FLW influence here, regardless of who’s protege designed it. Rooms that flow into one another, like water in a stream, filled with natural light. Asymmetrical design. Space-age sensibilities. These also happen to be just a few of our favorite things when it comes to mid-mod design.

But, do we love every aspect of this home? Nearly, it seems, although the exterior does bring to mind those squat glass-and-brick structures that seemed to house every elementary school in the 70s and 80s. And, some work needs to be done by the new owners to liven it up.

However, in terms of the details, we love them. We love the brick fireplace, walls, and flooring, We love the gleaming-white kitchen. And, we absolutely adore those walls of glass. For a house built in the early 1950s, this place was ahead of its time.

westchester county mid mod

Since this is Yards and Landscaping Week on Upstater, we would be remiss in not mentioning this property’s .3-acre yard. It’s situated within the confines of Orienta Point, which is overseen by the Orienta Point Association. The group helps maintain the character of the area, which means there are likely rules in place about just exactly how properties are landscaped. Neat and tidy is, no doubt, at the top of the list.

Considering putting an updated shine on this Weschester County Mid Mod? Find out more about 815 Rushmore Avenue, Mamaroneck from Keller Williams

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