Fathom Sends its Love

  |  January 23, 2015
Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/FathomWaytoGo

Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/FathomWaytoGo

We’re starting to get the sense that Fathom.com, recent winner of the Bronze Medal for Best Online Travel Journalism Site, is just as smitten with the Hudson Valley as we are.

We’d say the romance is still in the early flirtation stage – wanting to appear cool and collected, Fathom featured just a couple of Hudson Valley hotels in their list of the “Most Romantic Hotels in the Northeast.” Not surprisingly, Buttermilk Falls Inn and Ham House both made the cut. (On a personal note, we’ve seen the accommodations at Buttermilk Falls Inn, and some of the amazing photos from the weddings held on their gorgeous grounds, so it comes as no surprise either that this luxurious location received a shout-out this past year from Gothamist and wandermelon.com as well.)

Grand Laurel1

The Grand Laurel Master Suite at Buttermilk Falls Inn: http://www.buttermilkfallsinn.com/rooms/guest-rooms/grand-laurel.htm

The love story has started modestly enough, but it does seem to be gaining momentum. Just this past month, the award-winning site invited the creative team of And North to “take over” their Instagram feed. What happened next was a flurry of gorgeous winter scenes featuring frosted tree branches, frozen water falls, and mouth-watering upstate cuisine. The photos populated Fathom’s Instagram like a soft summer rain, and you can still find them here!

Naturally, it is now the Hudson Valley’s turn to offer some type of gesture of affection. Just you wait Fathom, if you can handle us at our iciest, you certainly deserve us at our best.


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