Field+Supply: Photo Review


A big thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us at Field + Supply last weekend. It was a spectacular success with twice the number exhibitors as last year, plus workshops and Tesla Test Drives! It is wonderful to see the creative community continue to grow and thrive in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. As we did last year, we have collected a number of photos instagrammed during the 2 days of the event to share with you. If you missed the event, search #fieldandsupply on instagram for a recap. Here are a few of our favorites. Photos By (Left To Right): @dominomag, @mjtraynor, @andnorth, @alyssadara, @clairecall, @kitrepublic, @amolleurstudio, @hudsonworkshop @the_shopkeepers @sheenamurph, @coldspringgeneral, @jaynejain


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About Hudson Woods

The team behind Hudson Woods is the Manhattan firm Lang Architecture, dedicated to elevating experience in daily life, pushing the boundaries of the built environment and empowering sustainable living. And while we take that mission quite seriously, we’ve also had an amazing time being immersed the Hudson Valley, looking for excellent design and craftsmanship, engaging a community of exceptional tradesmen, makers, artisans and growers. The project has made us devotees of the region and propagandists for all that it has to offer.

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