Five-Figure Friday: Bungalow Community, $50,000

  |  May 4, 2012

Yes, they’re modest in size, but also in price. We’ve got quite a few cute little three-season cottages (sometimes known as bungalows) for sale over in the listings area, and we’ll keep rounding those up for you.

But this is pretty rare: an entire bungalow colony for sale for $50,000 (sound of jaw dropping). There are eight cottages and a mobile home. Looks like it’s only a couple of acres, but the taxes are currently less than $1800 a year (we’re pretty sure that would go up when they’re seasonally occupied and the place is turned into a co-op, which it probably would. Stay tuned for an interview with a real estate lawyer about how to do this).

The place was started in 1930 in Ellenville, and you can buy rights to the nearby Ulster Heights Lake. Go in with a few friends and you could make some magic happen. GMAP.

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