Five-Figure Fridays: A Colonial Near Hunter for $95K

  |  March 10, 2023

It’s Five-Figure Friday again (where’s the time going, anyhow?), and today we’re viewing a lotta house for the money.

This 1,600-square-foot Colonial was built in 1830, and has classic touches like eyebrow windows on the second story. It obviously needs a lot of work, beginning with scraping down all that exterior paint. We’d reconfigure the front entry, too, combining the two entrances into one if possible.

Inside, some elements of the home are intact (like the hardwood floors in the living room here) while others are past their prime (the wallpaper). But the windows look like they’re in surprisingly good condition. Former owners definitely loved this place.

Twin Craftsman-style columns separate two rooms here. They’re a little rickety, but probably worth saving. The same can’t be said for the blue wallpaper and ceiling paint.

The kitchen had attention to detail at one time: Check out the cabinet inlays made from the matching wallpaper. But the kitchen absolutely needs a gut renovation (while hanging on to that vintage farmhouse sink).

The second-story rooms are distressed, and not in a good way. But the curved ceiling and those eyebrow windows add character that can be polished up with some hard work.

Now that is an old toilet. And from the leaky ceiling to the lavender walls to the rotting floor, this bathroom needs a full redo. The listing says the house has two bedrooms and two baths.

The house sits on a third of an acre in the quiet town of Lexington, just 12 minutes from Hunter.

If this project house is right up your alley, check out 3952 Route 42, Lexington, with Sean Roland of Nicole Vidor Real Estate Inc.

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