Five Figure Fridays! Coxsackie on the Cheap

  |  March 9, 2012

There isn’t a lot to choose from under the hundred thousand dollar mark in Upstater’s featured town of the week, Coxsackie – but the handful of entries are intriguing (with $150k as the top end the possibilities open up a lot).  Reading Kandy’s mournful/hopeful article I find myself rooting for this burg – maybe it’s riverfront locale, or the underdog moxie it gets from its unfortunate name (as a high schooler in Albany I took endless juvenile glee hearing the radio announce snow days in “Cock Sack-y Athens”).

In any event, there are a couple of interesting possibilities for bargain hunters:

First up, a “quaint village farmhouse” (according to the listing) with loads of potential.  Apparently renovations are underway but need to be completed, including a “new heating system.”  Still, there’s a lot to work with here, including a new-ish looking kitchen and wide plank rustic floors.

It’s closer to the high school than the prison (boy, must Coxsackie residents be sick of hearing about the prison and the virus), and Google Street View shows a nice looking bunch of neighboring houses.  For just $75,000, with the convenience of an in-town location (if that’s what you’re after), this super-historical (18th Century!) 4BR/1.5 BA charmer might be worth a look.

11 Lafayette Avenue (Four Seasons Realty) GMAP
Price: $75,000
Beds: 4
Baths: 1.5
Square Feet: 1,700
Year Built: 1783 (!!)
Taxes: $4,400 (2010)
Acreage: 0.16


This all-potential farmhouse with land (1.6 acres) is a mile or so south of town, 1,000 feet from the river and adjacent to Four Mile Point Park.

It’s been gutted and that’s where work stopped.  Whether the price of $80,000 leaves enough room for the necessary work is up to you.  “But where would I live while I fix it up?” you ask.  I’m glad you asked:

Convenience!  Then again, I like trailers.

69 4 Mile Point Road (Weichert) GMAP
Price: $80,000
: “$361” (a month?)
Year Built: 1920
Acreage: 1.60


This one is just land, but it’s a decent amount of it:

On the West side of the Thruway from Coxsackie proper (just a mile south of Climax!) is this long, skinny wooded plot.  According to the photos on site, its only inhabitant is one particularly photogenic deer.

8+ acres for $55,000 is a pretty decent deal, all things considered. Might be far enough out of town that you could park a trailer (vintage Airstream, anybody?) and hope not to get in dutch with the local authorities.

High Hill Road (Premier Realty) GMAP
Price: $55,000
Acreage: 8.41


I’ve broken with this column’s usual “Price: High to Low” sorting to save 149 South River Street for last:

This oddball loft/cabin/greenhouse/hillside aerie calls itself an “Artist Haven” and features one bedroom and “1 1/4 baths.”  What, exactly, constitutes a 1/4 bath?  A sink, in a closet, that you can pee in?

Interior design is chipboard-chic and the owners have made no effort to hide their hoarder-in-training leanings (a blanket! on a camp chair! next to a barbecue! why not!), but it all looks like it could be cozy and cabin-y after some severe de-cluttering.

The pictures, though, seriously bury the lede.  This unassuming little property sits on a slight rise DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM THE THE HUDSON RIVER.  Hint to the sellers: rather than cameraphone pictures of a rummage sale interior, how about something like this:

There.  Fixed that for you.

149 South River Street (via Zillow) GMAP
Price: $85,000
Bedrooms: 1 loft
Bathrooms: 1.25 (?!)
Square feet: 840
Acreage: .50
Taxes: $648, quoth Zillow, which can’t possibly be right, can it?
Features: The Hudson River!


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