Five Figure Fridays! (Some) Cuteness in Carmel

  |  March 30, 2012

I was all set to write another “slim pickin’s but it’s close to the city so what do you expect?” post today, but it turns out the greater Carmel area actually has some cute, cabin-y offerings.  You’ll have to do some DIY, and the tax burden is eye-watering, but if you’re dedicated to a shorter drive time than the Catskills, there are some weekend options an hour and a half up the Taconic.

First up (we’re going to go from least charming to most, today) is a basic weekender/lake cabin in Lake Carmel:

It’s small, it’s bland, it’s affordable.  It has also suffered the dreaded “frezze damage” (sic), so plan for fix-em-up expenses right off the bat, to go with your $5800 tax bill.

6 Ridgeway Road (Lipton) GMAP
Price: $99,900
Beds: 2
Baths: 1
Square Feet: 680
Year Built: 1950
Taxes: $5,800
Acreage: 0.28
Features: Frezze damage!


Next up is another Lake Carmel bungalow with what looks like a lot of potential:

The inside pictures, however, have a disturbing Hoarders vibe:

So somebody sat at a chair in the kitchen, in front of a giant garbage can, and did… what exactly?  My first several guesses are all disturbing.  Just when the itch factor is ready to drive you away, though, you see this big old guy:

Instant charm!  Sort of.  Realtor suggests this as a flip candidate, and there’s a slight chance the asking price of $85,000 leaves enough room.

66 Homestead Drive (Keller Williams) GMAP
Price: $85,000
Beds: 3
Baths: 1
: $7,429 (!)
Year Built: 1935
Acreage: .22
Features: Lake rights.


Next up, an intriguing rustic loft cabin on a decent plot of land:

Clearly in need of a good bit of refreshing but pretty promising for all that.  Nice stone fireplace, a riot of knotty pine, and a decent sized loft bedroom.

Best of all, a (fixer-upper) deck with lovely mountain/valley views.  All on over an acre which, while not palatial, is all right compared to the tiny community lots of the rest of the pack so far.

11 Birch Way, Patterson (Re/Max Classic) GMAP
Price: $90,000
Bedrooms: 1 (loft)
Bathrooms: 1

Square Feet: 861
Year Built: 1930
Acreage: 1.15
Features: Circular driveway


Last and adorablest:

I mean look, it’s hard to make a value-for-dollar argument here when you’re looking at sub-450 square feet and no plumbing (although it is on 4+ acres!).  But look at the outrageous level of cuteness!  Flagstone patio?  A hammock?  Stop it.

A beautiful creek!  Described as “Perfect artist retreat” and this time I have to agree.  “Ideal for alternative energy,” which I take as realtor-speak for “no electric.”  Taxes sting and you’re still paying $186/sq. ft. for, essentially, a garden shed with a stove in it, but this is one of my favorites yet.  Hat tip to our own kandyharris for spotting this one.

39 Gordon Road (Houlihan Lawrence) GMAP
Price: $80,000
Beds: 1
Baths: 1
Square Feet: 430
Year Built: 1950
Taxes: $5,900
Acreage: 4.1
Features: Stream, hammock, adorableness.

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