Five-Figure Fridays: Shokan Teardown?

  |  August 10, 2012

So, Route 28 might not be your idea of a dream address. It’s the main corridor through the Catskills and there’s traffic day and night (not traffic jams, just constant cars). But, here’s a possibility: 4.4 acres in lovely Shokan, with a house that’s been abandoned for a long time and needs major repairs. We’re reading between the lines that there’s not much worth saving. The good part is that it’s set far back from the road, and should you decide to rebuild on the existing foundation (or salvage the house as it is), you might be able to edge out the hum of traffic and the view of tail lights.

The land, they write, is assessed at $165,900, and they’re offering it, with the house, at $74,900. We are big fans of pink tile with black trim, so if it were us we’d be hanging on to that part of the bathroom, at the very least.

3188 Route 28, Shokan, NY. $74,900. GMAP.

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