Five-Figure Fridays: The $84,000 Cottage

  |  July 27, 2012

This place seems ready to inhabit, unless you object to the electric blue walls. 37560 State Highway 23 in Grand Gorge, just outside of Roxbury, has a huge deck, a glassed-in porch, two bedrooms (for number of bathrooms it says, “Ask agent.” Hm.).

Looks like a lovely ski weekend getaway to us — yes, yes, hard to imagine such a thing during the heat wave of 2012. Looks like a lovely escape-the-heat getaway, too. It’s right near a couple of parks, and despite the road being called “State Highway,” it’s actually a pretty quiet stretch.

37560 State Hwy 23, Roxbury, NY. $84,000. GMAP.

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