Five Figures in Newburgh, Part II: Little Victorian in Need of Your Love and Attention, $59,900

  |  December 23, 2016

Remember this Newburgh property we looked earlier today? This one is situated directly across the street from that one, and we love the exterior with the peaked roof and crown moldings. As for the interior?

Well, normally our left eyes twitch when we see listing photos filled with clutter, but we’re willing to make an exception because this little Newburgh home has just. So. Darn. Much. Potential. So, let’s put it aside and focus on the home’s strong suits.

Includes hardwood floors, stained glass, one upstairs bedroom, and the potential for a second bedroom in the third floor attic space…with some work, of course. In fact, the whole interior needs an update to bring out its inherent beauty.

Not surprisingly, the lot is small (less than 1/10th of an acre), and it’s attached to the house next door. The Newburgh waterfront and ferry to Beacon are five minutes away.

287 1st Street, Newburgh (RE/MAX)


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