Fix-it-Up Friday: A Saugerties Two-Bedroom for $135K

  |  June 16, 2023

Happy Fix-it-Up Friday. Today’s pick is north of five figures—it’s sure getting harder to find homes under $100K that aren’t mere shells—and it’s on a dead-end street off of Route 9W in Saugerties.

There are two bedrooms (possibly three) and one bath in this home, according to the listing. But it measures 1,414 square feet, so we imagine there’s room for expansion. The exterior has seen better days, although it’s obviously been renovated since it was first built in 1890. The front porch is an enclosed sunroom…

…which you can see here..It needs a new step up to the front door, not to mention a new floor and new wall treatments.

Inside, the hardwood floor would likely survive sanding and staining. And the walls aren’t in terrible shape here in the living room.

But this room is a little rotten, literally. The windowsill is crumbling, as is the baseboard. And that plaster-and-lathe chunk next to the radiator needs a closer look.

That door leading outside is in a little hall that’s probably a foyer and the staircase upstairs. The door in the foreground in this picture leads to a closet. Those couple of steps next to that door lead down from the dining room.

But first, the kitchen. It’s old, and dark, and missing a lot of components. Still, it’s a good starting point for someone willing to demolish and reimagine the space.

The dining room is in remarkably good shape (relatively speaking), with a hardwood floor and banks of windows on two walls. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

The walls and floor in this room appear to be in good condition, with a green and white color scheme.

The stairs to the cellar are in this room.

The bathroom has the bare necessities, but needs a lot of work.

The carpeting in this bedroom needs to be ripped out.

Same goes for this room, which is a riot of yellow and pink.





The back of the house isn’t much better, as far as the exterior goes.

Nice stone floor, though. And who doesn’t love a screened porch on a summer evening?

The property is just a shade over a quarter-acre, with some sloping lawn to play on.

From the top of the property, you get a mountain view!

Plus, there’s a two-car garage. The house is not far from the Hudson River, and just a five-minute drive from Main Street in Saugerties and a vanilla custard cone at Mickey’s Igloo 3.

If you’re looking for a fixer-upper, pick up info about 25 Old Route 9W, Saugerties, from Paul Catania with ABS Realty.

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