Fixer-Upper Farmhouse in Ellenville for $169K

  |  January 13, 2023

We wrap up our week in Ellenville at this home that’s not five-figures but is definitely a fixer-upper.

It’s just outside the heart of downtown Ellenville. Built in 1910, it has classic farmhouse bones in 1,880 square feet. But it needs work.

A lot of work.

Make that A LOT of work, from stripping paint to (most likely) remediating mold.

But hold on—the kitchen shows that someone, sometime recently, cared for this house. Granite-look Formica on top of builder-grade wood cabinets, with a copper-tin backsplash, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s all in decent enough shape to at least consider a gentle demo and donation to the ReStore.

The rest of the space needs scrubbing and an update, too. But it’s a generously sized eat-in kitchen.

The vintage hardware on that paneled door is about the only thing that’s cool about this room in its current state. But like any older home, it deserves some love.

And this other bedroom’s got a boarded-up fireplace, to boot.

The garment rack makes us wonder if this room lacks a closet. There are four bedrooms and two baths altogether in the house, though the listing is thin on images.

Still, the front porch wraps around the left side and is beautifully detailed. So if you think this house is worth a look, find out more about 8 Broadhead Street, Ellenville, from Mary Sheeley of Stoeckeler Real Estate Services, LLC.

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