Fixer-Upper of the Week: West Hurley Cape, $129,000

  |  May 9, 2012

This property is being sold “as is,” and thus the price. The current owner says it’s a “work in progress,” and the buyer will be getting a pad with a new roof on the garage, a newly insulated basement with a new drainage system and a second floor that’s been torn out and is ready for reinvention (hence listing it as a one-bedroom; it’s really a three-bed). The reason for the bargain price and the half-finished condition is that the couple who bought it — Brooklynites who were fixing it up as a weekend pad — are splitting up. Don’t worry: it wasn’t the renovation that ruined them.

The half-acre property is about a five-minute drive from Woodstock, in West Hurley, and very close to the reservoir


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